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Forum Support.

The purpose of this forum is to connect brokers of all experience levels, worldwide. We hope you find these topics both helpful and intriguing.We welcome your valuable insight, questions, feedback and suggestions for additional topics.

Presale Benefits.

Included in your membership is exclusive access to pre-sale lists and pre-sales codes. The best brokers in the business plan ahead to help ensure each event they sell is a success. Planning ahead allows you to be prepared as soon as inventory goes on sale, to price your inventory competitively, to broadcast your inventory and to put a marketing strategy in place to help maximize your efforts. Don’t be the only broker in the industry caught without these critical details. Join today!

Expert Broker Chat

Here is your chance to get one-on-one time with experts who have put our industry on the map. Need advice about how to grow your small business to a large one or, maybe your large business into an empire? The brokers hanging out on our Broker Chat have been there and done that. They’ve paved the way for professionals just like you. Start building relationships with them and learning from them right here, on TicketInfoHub.com.

Broker Tools

We've loaded this website with business solutions. These solutions are the tools you need to help you run a successful enterprise. They’ll provide you with the information and resources to make sound business decisions, as well as save you time and money.

  • Forums – Access to the hottest topics, trends and conversations happening in our industry.
  • Pricing Tool – Smart tool that assist with pricing your tickets as well as getting the best price possible on your tickets.
  • Broker Chat – Live broker-to-broker chat in a public space with future ability to move the conversation to private messaging.
  • Artist's Information Pages – Information on the artist's events as well as links to their social media accounts and other important data.
  • Drop Checker - Features the remaining inventory for an event and alters the broker when new inventory becomes available.
  • Shows List with Pre-sale Codes – A list of public shows along with their on-sale dates and pre-sale codes when applicable.
  • Primary and Secondary Market Data – Artist data from either the primary, or the secondary.

Plans & Packages.

Basic Business Builder

For $49/Month you’ll have an all access pass to the following site features:

  • Forums
  • Broker Chat
  • Shows Listed with Pre-sale Codes

Premium Business Enhancer

For $249/Month we’ll help you take your business to the next level by providing you an all access pass to the following site features: 

  • Forums
  • Broker Chat
  • Drop Checker
  • Artists’ Information Pages 
  • Inventory Tracking and Alerts
  • Shows Listed with Pre-sale Codes
  • Primary and Secondary Market Data